As a third year company, FLY NY strives to create an everlasting experience through our clothing and overarching message, “Finding Comfort Within Discomfort." To ensure that our focus of sustainable business practices are being represented, we have added a Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.) department and have taken steps to make sure that our clothing and other products have been sourced from trustworthy and reliable manufacturers. Through our clothing, we offer comfort while promoting sustainability by sourcing products that are environmentally friendly while providing the utmost comfort for our consumers. 


Offering Comfortability

FLY NY strives to

make our consumers

feel comfort in anything and everything that we create.

Promoting Sustainability

FLY NY promotes sustainability by 

locally producing our products in

Williamsburg, Brooklyn.



FLY NY is for everyone, and our products are

designed to embody

the people

that wear them.

Consciously Fashionable

While paying homage to the culture of streetwear, FLY NY creates fashionable products that are also environmentally friendly.