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How Does New York Influence Our Style?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

By: Sithi-Rukaiyaa Arssath

FLY NY, a sustainable streetwear company based in New York City that works to reach our target market of generation Z individuals by creating products that are both inclusive and environmentally friendly.

So how does New York influence our style?

New York is a fashion capital of the world, and millions of people everyday take inspiration from the bustling city in terms of how they dress and present themselves. New York is home to over 1,000 cultures across our five boroughs and each person brings their own sense of style to the table. But more importantly, at the heart of our city is the resurfacing of streetwear, allowing NYC to be at the epicenter of this subculture.

As a company, we have the opportunity of highlighting our community’s mainstream fashion, while simultaneously staying true to ourselves. Streetwear caters to the everyday people, and similarly, FLY works to have our clothing embody the people that wear it. We stand to have our consumers feel comfortable and represented in anything that they wear, and New York is a true catalyst of helping us develop this environment overall.

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