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The Team

Who We Are



Kayla Taylor

Our CEO acts as the main point of communication. She is responsible for expanding our company and making major decisions. She also manages the overall operations and resources of our company. 




Janet Lojano (CFO)

Marco Perez (Accounting Manager) 

Naviyah Wainwright (Finance Manager)

Omar Romeo (Analyst)

Our finance department ensures we are financially responsible. They implement processes to oversee payment functions and expenses. 



Nomble Wright (VP)

Nejla Radoncic (Manager)

Taylor Meriwether (Sale Associate) 

Assists in the creation and maintenance of all personnel files and benefits. They meet employees' needs and help create a community between everyone. They ensure that the FLY family works collaboratively to meet the needs of the company.



Khadjia Khalifa (CIO)

Haliee Swann (VP)

Trichelle Volcimus (Manager)

Li Bin Xie (coordinator) 

The design team is responsible for the digital aspect of FLY NY. They have created an engaging online community for people to learn about fly and make it easy for consumers to shop with us on our website.



Emily Yilescas (VP)

Melody Gutierrez (Manager)

Mya Rodiriguez (Coordinator)

Luke Ansty (Coordinator)

Victora Rivera (Coordinator)

Granit Arifaj (Coordinator)

Our marketing department focuses on promoting the brand and implementing marketing strategies to create brand awareness and engage with our consumers. 

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Frandy Gutierrez (COO)

Kyle Shao (VP)

Dasia Smith (Coordinator)

Jeremey Arias (Coordinator)

Focuses on our company’s social responsibilities. CSR makes sure we’re accessible to our community. As well as ensuring that we follow our company morals and improve the quality of life for our workforce.


Retail Operations 

Anthony Davis (Sales Associate)

Brian Dubon (Manager)

Amina Fadera (Sales Associate)

Larry Perez (Coordinator)

Splits their time between the office and the store. They interact with shoppers to see what's in demand, what customers are responding well to and what we need to add. They conduct market research on the store level.

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